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Go Set a Watchman Book Cover Designs

Penguin show’s the new Harper Lee book cover designs that didn’t make it...

Go Set a Watchman Book Cover Designs. Behind every bestselling book is stack of cover concepts that didn’t make the grade. The more important the author, the more concept stages (and rejects) enter the mix. And when the title is as hotly anticipated as Go Set a Watchman, it’s not surprising that Penguin pulled out all the stops to style the cover. What is surprising is that Penguin have generously let us take a peek at the design process, including the runner-up cover concepts and their strategy.

Penguin tell us they commissioned every last one of their in-house designers and art-directors to pitch for the To Kill a Mockingbird sequel – a fiction book published in 1960 which has already entered the Penguin classic library, selling in excess of 30 million copies (70 million less than Fifty Shades of Grey).

Along the lengthy design process, some truly incredible covers were generated. Usually these works of art would disappear without a trace, but Penguin have made them public, which I think shows amazing respect for their designers. As you can see from the killed covers, every one is an incredible piece of design in it’s own right. I’ve blogged and tweet-campaigned before on #killedcovers and it’s great to see this generosity of spirit from Penguin. Book designers all know the work behind the scenes, so it’s good to see this getting some recognition. Images from